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The torque wrenches in our BWR series are primarily used in professional industrial environments. The possibility of over-tightening is significantly reduces due to a 22°breaking- angle of the unique BMR mechanism. Therefore, the BMR wrenches are very well suited for use in assembly lines as well as for repair and maintenance. You can profit from wide range of end fittings which are quickly changed. Coupled with our Atlas Copco end fittings for the BWR series, you will obtain a high degree of accuracy in your tightening process. For an adjustment of the pre-set value an optional setting key is available.

  •    High process reliability as over tightening is significantly reduced due to the 22°breaking angle.
  •    Wide range of wrenches from 2Nm yp to 2000Nm.
  •    Extremely high durability and high repeatability of±4%
  •    Robust construction
  •    Easy & safe adjusting