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Among various types you will find the electronic torque wrench needed for your production, e.g. wrenches with graphic-LCD-display and programmable bolt settings, additionally with angle measuring, with LED-illuminated display, or the perfect workshop wrench with LCD-Display. The MECHATRONIC-System with low power management makes them ideal for 3-shift operation. To adjust and control torque wrenches the PRG-E electronic torque tester represents an excellent test-unit.

For a more enhanced application with higher demands to the documentation volume and easy-to-use handling, we offer a large variety of accessory kits for our electronic torque wrenches. We are also in a position furnish you with the wrench to solve your individual engineering problems and more, offer a complete Torque-Center with software designed for your individual application individual customer solution

Standard hand tools, pliers and deburring tools are still part of our program and available under the SALTUS brand name. Each of this tools represents handcraft tradition and quality. Support your own tradition with our tools! Once in the possession of our tools you will never want to miss them again. Even in the future, SALTUS products will always be: TOP QUALITY. Key to the Future, Key to Success


Accuracy :
Size 5; 14 – ± Trigger accuracy 4% of the set value.
Size 25; 60 – ± Trigger accuracy 3% of the set value.
Version :
Torque wrench without scale. Wrench setting using torque analyser.
The indicating trigger mechanism makes unintentional
overtightening extremely unlikely.
Anti-clockwise tightening by reversing the plug-in head.
Function :
On reaching the preset torque value the wrench triggers a clearly detectable
deflection and is then again immediately ready for use.
The long-travel indication gives the user an unmistakable signal that the
set torque has been reached.
Application :
For controlled screw tightening to a pre-set torque in batch production.
Note :
See No. 657580 − 657950 for suitable plug-in heads.
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